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Search Firms that specialize in National Advertising Sales Recruitment in the midwest  chicago detroit and  ohioNational Media Advertising Sales Executive Search FirmsFilcro Media Staffing A Filcro Media Staffing Chicago Based National Advertising Sales Executive Search

Chicago TV Advertising Executive Search for Cable and Broadcast TV Networks Managers
 National Advertising Sales
 Automotive | CPG | QSR

Based - Chicago, IL
Reports to - Senior Vice President National Advertising Sales (SVP) - Midwest
Search Firm - Filcro Media Staffing
Officer in Charge - Tony Filson
Search Group - Advertising Sales
Search Link - (2) Two National Advertising Sales Managers

Client Situation

Due to a reorganization of the TV Network’s national advertising sales divisions, the SVP of National Advertising Sales wanted to hire those who could align the Network’s Midwest goal(s) of just over $600M as the projected budget for clients in the CPG, QSR and Automotive verticals were being separated and assigned to a specialized team with extensive experience in these industries direct with clients and their advertising agencies.

Filcro Media Staffing was asked to conduct a search that would concentrate on specific business verticals to bring the TV Network's proposed budget to fruition in the Midwest Region of the country.  Tony Filson was asked to conduct the searches by the Network EVP of Advertising Sales.

The Filcro Media Staffing Solution

As Filcro Media Staffing is constantly conducting executive searches in the Midwest Region for TV, Online and Mobile media advertising sales, it was apparent to the firm from the onset where the ideal candidates were located.

Our goal of identify those who had agency and direct client contacts in CPG, Automotive and QSR was accomplished in two working days based on Filcro Media Staffing experience recruiting similar Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents in the Midwest region. 

An important goal was the need for continuity in the reorganized national sales organization and the agency and client relationships had to be solid not only from a budget perspective but also with regard to work history.  Starting anew, the SVP needed to attract those who had expressed career stability in their prior environments. 

A challenge from a recruiting perspective was attracting those who expressed stability in their work histories yet would entertain employment with a brand that was known for high turnover prior to the new SVP being hired.  Filcro Media Staffing’s understanding of the client company and the positive management changes enabled the attraction of highly skilled sales professionals.

Knowing that two (2) employees were needed we tiered the initial search universe into three (3) categories of strength: Budgets, Business Verticals and Autonomy Capacity.  It took approximately four business days and allowed the firm to recruit those identified in the subsequent week.

Brining forward the top two (2) candidates from each area of strength, six (6) candidates were presented from a total search universe of over one-hundred.

Of the six (6) candidates presented, the SVP hired two (2).   Both searches took six (6) weeks to complete with the client company requiring an additional week for a 3rd party reference check.  Filcro Media Staffing’s extensive national advertising sales recruitment experience was the key catalyst in brining both these searches to fruition to meet the aggressive cadence set just before the Network’s upfront.     


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