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Reviews of Filcro Media Staffing Case Histories with Tony Filson as Officer in Charge of Search

Filcro Media Staffing Reviews of Executive Searches

Reviews of Filcro Media Staffing's Executive Searches

On this page, Filcro Media Staffing exhibits diverse case histories of selected executive searches across multiple media platforms.   Clients will note that the firm’s recruitment experience is exclusive to the media and broadcasting industries.  These reviews of Filcro Media Staffing are open to the public.

Efficacy is documented for review within context of a client company's business goals. The objective of making these case histories transparent through individual search ecologies is to display Filcro Media Staffing’s recruitment capabilities for functional line managers to C level executives across diverse media platforms and geographics.

When not deemed confidential; the firm exhibits modality during executive search identification, vetting, recruitment and attraction as well as follow-up on the executive's progress and performance. 

Inquiries to retain Filcro Media Staffing can be addressed at: Terms & Conditions.  Client references and reviews. Filcro Media Staffing US | LATAM | EU | ASIA | MENA

Filcro Media Staffing Case Histories and Reviews of  Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Mobile Media

Filcro Media Staffing Case Histories of Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Cable TV Networks by Tony Filson

Filcro Media Staffing Case Histories of TV Media Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for TV Networks

Filcro Media Staffing Case Histories of Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Radio Networks

Filcro Media Staffing Case Histories of Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Online Media

Media Sales Recruiters

Filcro Media Staffing Case Histories of Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for International, National, Regional and Local Media Markets


Cable TV & MSO

Broadcast TV

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Multicast & OEM


Samplings of Specialized Media Executive Search Assignments for Review

CEO - Music TV Network

CEO / CIO  - Telecommunications - Voice, Video & Data Utility

COO - TV Network
CMO - TV Network

CRO - Media Holding Company - Music Entertainment

CTO - Global Media and Entertainment Conglomerate

CFO - Executive Vice President - Global Media Conglomerate

CSO / Executive Vice President  - Online Interactive Sales - Global Entertainment Company

CHRO / Executive Vice President - Pre-IPO - Media and Entertainment

President  - Global Real Estate - Media and Entertainment

President - International General Manager - TV Network, MSO and International Media Holdings

Executive Vice President - International Sports Marketing and Licensing

GM - International General Manager - U.S. Based Satellite Network - MENA and U.S.

GM  - TV Station Group - Diversified Station Holding Company - U.S. & Canada

GM  - International General Manager - Radio Networks - RF. Satellite, Interactive - MENA

GM / GSM  - CATV - Telecommunications and Municipal Utility Company

Chief Engineer - Technologist - Cable / OTA / Satellite / Online / Mobile - CONUS & OCONUS

Sr. Systems Engineer - Global Technologist Systems and Creative Workflow - Advertising

Senior Vice President - TV Network Sales Operations - Traffic, Inventory, Planning, Technology

Senior Vice President - TV & Digital Network Origination, Production Sales and Operations

Senior Vice President - Advertising & Broadcasting Technology Sales - Domestic & International

Senior Vice President  - Broadcasting Sales & Operations Technology - Cable TV Network

Senior Vice President - Advanced Technology - Major TV Network - Multicast Monetization

Senior Vice President - Music Strategy and Artist Relations - Music TV Network

Regional Vice President - Media Technology and Media Workflow Solutions Sales

News Director - Top 20 DMA - OTA, Online, Mobile, Social Media Platforms

Editor-in-Chief - Interactive Online Properties - Entertainment Conglomerate

Vice President - Affiliate Sales & Marketing - TV Network - All Platforms

Vice President - TV Network Interactive Sales - Media & Entertainment Conglomerate

Vice President - Radio Network National Digital Advertising Sales

Vice President - Finance - TV Network Ad Sales and Financial Reporting - Cable TV Network(s)

Vice President - Programming - Sports Network

Vice President - On-Air Talent Training & Development - TV Merchandising and Home Shopping

Vice President - Corporate Communications - Broadcast Operations & Creative Communications

Vice President - Traffic - Cable TV Network - Traffic and EDI Systems - Cable TV Network(s)

Vice President - On-Air Promotion - Diverse Global Merchandising Conglomerate

Executive Producer - Direct Response - Financial Products - Financial Media and Information

Executive Producer / ED - Int’l News Convergence (NGO) - TV, Radio, Broadband - Prague

Executive Producer - Radio Network - The Arts - Production and Development

Executive Producer - Financial Show - U.S. Markets

News Anchor / Producer - International News Report - U.S. & Middle East News Desk
Bureau Chief - International News - TV Network 

Senior Producer - TV Network News - U.S. & Middle East News 

Senior Producer - International Corporate Communications - Fortune 100 Multinational

Managing Editor - Economic & Educational - Web Site

Group Account Director - Multicultural CPG & Beauty - Advertising Agency

Senior Media Director - TV, Print, Interactive -  U.S. and Canada - Advertising Agency

Media Director - TV, Radio, Interactive - U.S. - Media Marketing

Senior Director - Real Estate - Media & Entertainment Conglomerate - Holdings and Facilities

Senior Director - Employee Relations - Entertainment Conglomerate - Human Resources

Senior Director - Ad Sales Planning and Operations - Cable TV Network - National TV Ad Sales

Director - Programmatic Operations & Campaign Management - OTT TV Networks & Mobile

Director - Broadcast Distribution Technology - Operations and Engineering - Major TV Network

Director - Integrated National Advertising Sales - East Coast - Multiplex Music TV Network

Director - National Talent Payment - SAG, AFM, AFTRA, IATSE, DGA and all others

Director - National Automotive and Packaged Goods Ad Sales - Cable TV Network

Director - Client and Creative Services / Ideation Digital Properties

Director - Online Advertising Sales - Cable TV Network

Director - Online Interactive and On-Air Client and Creative Services - Cable TV Network

Director(s) - International Broadcast Operations - Satellite TV Network - Global

Director - Human Resources Generalist - Major TV Network

Director - TV Network Research and Analytics - Cable TV Network, Interactive On-Air

Director(s) - Revenue Optimization - Sales Planning - Cable TV Network - NY & IL

Director - Paid Programming Advertising Sales - Regional Network

Director - Affiliate Marketing, Public Relations and Special Events - Cable TV Network

Director - Network Distribution - Multiplex, Engineering & New Technology

Director - National Sales - Broadcast Traffic & Workflow Solutions - Technology Co

Art Director - Health / Medical / Education - Web Sites

Senior Manager - Multi-Station Hub - Traffic, Inventory, Logging & Technology - Broadcast TV

Manager(s) - National Advertising Sales - Cable TV Network - Music & Entertainment - Midwest

Manager(s) - Online Advertising Sales - Music and Entertainment Web Site - NY, IL, CA, MI

Manager(s)  - Online and On-Air Advertising Sales - Cable TV Network - NY, IL, CA, MI

Manager(s)  - National Advertising Sales - Cable TV Network - NY, IL, CA, MI

Manager(s)  - Digital Ad Networks Advertising Sales - Interactive Entertainment Company

Manager - International Strategic Programming & Production - Fortune 100 Multinational

Financial Analyst(s)  - Advertising Sales - Cable TV Network(s) NY, DC, MD

Senior.Administrator - Talent Payment SAG, AFTRA, AFM - Advertising Agency

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National and International Media Executive Search Case History Reviews Filcro Media Staffing

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