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Digital Networks Director Client and Creative Services Executive Search Review

Online client and creative services executive search firmsCreative services executive search for online advertising sales in Cable TV Networks  Director Operations
  Client & Creative Services

Client - Diversified U.S. based global media and entertainment conglomerate
Search -
Director Online Client and Creative Services
Based -
New York City, NY
Search Firm -
Filcro Media Staffing
Officer in Charge -
Tony Filson
Search Group -
Client & Creative Services
Reporting to -
Vice President National Sales

Client Situation

The Vice President of National Advertising Sales needed to add an additional layer of management and enhanced functionality for clients, advertising agencies and internal cross platform advertising campaigns.  The Vice President identified Filcro Media Staffing based on the firm’s reputation in both digital and broadcast recruitment.

The Vice President required a person who could autonomously function as an in-house advertising agency at times to offer clients a full cycle solution that could have TV, Motion Picture and Digital participation from the firm’s other operating divisions. Management acumen was also required to mentor, train and hire additional staff to keep pace with a brand approaching the billion dollar mark.

Universe Compilation - Industry and Sector Inclusions

  • National Cable TV Networks
  • Regional Cable Networks
  • Broadcast Networks
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Digital Networks & Digital Publishers
  • Internal Digital Resources in Film, Publishing and Radio

Filcro Media Staffing is Retained

Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to determine the needs of the Vice President form a compilation of factors that were quite complex based on the number of entities that would be serviced by this group.

The client agreed with our desire to target eight environments and tier candidates based on management capacity, compensation, technology acumen, operational experience, cross platform exposure and corporate cultural respectively.   This “map” established by Filcro Media Staffing brought about the consensus required to proceed with universe compilation.

Challenges facing the new Digital Operations Director

  • Optimizing Current Resources
  • Building Internal Awareness of Digital Resources Across TV and Film Divisions
  • Becoming a Resource to Clients and Agencies
  • Mentoring, Hiring and Managing Staff
  • Optimizing Communication w/ Traffic and Inventory
  • Enhancing the Creative Impact of Cross-Platform TV, Interactive and Mobile Presentations

The Filcro Media Staffing Recruitment Solution

Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to identify "happily engaged" client services directors from the eight environments specified by the Vice President.

It took approximately four weeks to Identify, recruit and qualify four ideal candidates who would be capable of meeting all the current and future needs of the brand as they approached the one billion dollar mark.  Keeping to the hierarchy desired was extremely difficult with such a diverse group of candidates coming out of varied media industries with different reporting structures and modalities based purely in the content being distributed across each media platform.  

The top four candidates were all capable of working autonomously and had strong management acumen enabling the six direct reports to a have clear definition as to why this individual was picked to be the next Director.

The Vice President was extremely pleased with the quality of candidates and the cadence at which they were recruited and presented.  It was now a matter of “cultural fit” and the Vice President was certain that he could discern this with only a brief meeting with each candidate.

Successful Director of Client and Creative Services Recruited

A motivated and detailed oriented client and creative services professional with 10+ years of experience and a record of excellence increasing productivity in growing media environments across multiple platforms.

His record with quality and customer satisfaction at high growth interactive digital media companies was confirmed by those who worked for him, his bosses and the ad agencies and clients that he collaborated with.

He was skilled at managing client relations and building this resource where it had not been before in substantial media organizations.  His project management experience and a proven ability directing highly complex media projects from planning through fruition in fast-paced, time-sensitive environments was reiterated by everyone we came in contact with. As a high-performing manager he was still hands-on with demonstrated abilities to lead teams and always achieving bottom-line results.

His technology acumen offered a strong understanding of current and legacy HTML, XML, Java, JavaScript, AJAX, Ruby, VB, UNIX and SQL. Proficient with MS Office & Project, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Ektron CMS, Vignette CMS, Omniture SiteCatalyst, Open AdStream & DART and many others he was perfect to fix the past and bring key technical features into the future.  His ability to work with current and legacy technology was greatly appreciated when offering clients turn-key solutions when their own internal resources were not as comprehensive as the Network.

Exhibiting growth in every work environment the candidate offered capacity, stability and a strong work ethic that could be emulated in his staff.

Managing over 15 direct reports and overseeing a multi-million dollar client services budget in the past, the transition to the new company was anticipated to go smoothly and it did.

This Director of Client Services has proven to be a vital asset to the company and those that utilize this environment internal and external to the organization.  This search was extremely successful and the new Director has met every business, technical and creative goal in a manner that exceeded the Vice President's expectations.

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