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Senior Manager TV Station Group Traffic, Inventory, Logging & Technology

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Location - East Coast - USA
Reporting to - Senior Vice President Commercial Operations
Client - Diversified U.S. based multinational broadcaster
Search - Sr. Managers - TV Station(s) Traffic & Technology
Officer in Charge - Tony Filson
Search Firm - Filcro Media Staffing - New York, NY
Search Group - Traffic | Technology

(3) Three Senior Traffic Managers -
Multiple Station Traffic, Inventory and Traffic Technologies

The Firm

One of America's largest diversified multinational media companies with major interests in cable networks, television and radio broadcasting, TV production and distribution, internet businesses, magazine, newspaper, business publishing, music and motion pictures.

Client Situation

Filcro Media Staffing was contacted by the firm’s human resource department to initiate the identification of (3) three new employees to be based on the East Coast to manage the Station Groups back office broadcast functions.

The objective of these searches was to enhance the company's TV broadcast station holdings by centralizing and optimizing traffic, inventory and logging along with their related technology.

Ideally those recruited would be capable of managing, maintaining and overseeing the daily operations of the centralized traffic operation for each assigned group of television stations and would train and develop staff while supervising workflow between local stations and centralized staff, ensuring quality control and inventory maximization.

Industry and Sector inclusion

  • Broadcast TV - Networks | Station Groups | Stations
  • Cable TV - MSO’s and Cable Networks
  • Local, Regional and National Broadcasters

Filcro Media Staffing is Retained

The client company was aware of Filcro Media Staffing’s recruitment reputation in the broadcasting businesses that provided the organization's core revenue streams for broadcast advertising sales and the associated traffic, inventory and logging systems. 

Human resources was exceptional in articulating the company's needs strategically and tactically.  When granular information was needed pertaining to traffic, inventory and systems technology they were knowledgeable and responsive to expedite the recruitment process .

There was a clear commitment by the Vice President of Commercial Operations to find a search firm they could partner with who had equal acumen and enthusiasm for this critical area of broadcast sales operational responsibility.

After reviewing the client’s O&D charts, Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to compile an extensive search universe that would facilitate the firm’s ability to identify, recruit, qualify and attract broadcast traffic managers from all over the United States to bring their business goals to fruition quickly.

Challenges Facing the New Traffic Manager(s)

  • Working with station, hub and Network engineering regarding automation needs related to playlists, dublists, and purge lists through the transition of new technology and vendors.
  • Training traffic, inventory and logging employees on new hardware and software systems through the centralization process
  • Training sales personnel on new policies and procedures for broadcast sales systems that would be utilizing traffic, inventory and sales planning software
  • Optimizing process | workflow to enhance revenue
  • Allow greater access to available inventory in real-time across all station hubs

The Filcro Media Staffing Solution

Filcro Media Staffing had already compiled and had access to current  O&D and technology overviews of every TV station in the United States based on recent searches for traffic and traffic technology executives.  Knowing the client company’s objectives for all the stations nationally from a technology as well as the new vendor’s to be used for traffic and inventory systems expedited universe compilation within context of where the Station Group wanted to be in the next six to twelve months.

Concentrating on the client’s primary competitors in (16) regional hubs across the Unites States, three (3) research associates were assigned to managing the initial process guided by the Officer in Charge and the Director of Research.  It became apparent who our ideals were and all but two were receptive to having conversations with our firm.  Every traffic executive we recruited was currently employed and happily engaged.

Due the difference in titles from one broadcast organization to another those attracted had titles ranging from  VP, Director, Senior Manager to Traffic Coordinator.  It required a great deal of work to ascertain each targeted candidate's hard skill sets prior to seeing if they had the soft skills required to train and mentor internal employees.

With three traffic positions open we presented every qualified candidate as they were vetted.  We were asked to expedite the process and met the client’s cadence at every step of the search.

Transitioning media executives and their families nationally and internationally is something Filcro Media Staffing has been doing for clients since 1987.  Fortunately we were not confronted with any major relocation rejection as this issue was covered extensively at the beginning of the recruitment process to not waste the time of anyone involved.  All the executives were transitions successfully.

The New Traffic Executives Identified, Recruited and Attracted

Attracting and relocating these executives was successful and the client company's consolidation process was facilitated quickly.

As most case histories are more extensive in the “New Executives Identified” section we had to abbreviate things based on (3) three executives were recruited vs. (1) one.  For additional traffic case histories.

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