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Filcro Media Staffing Affiliate Sales and Marketing  Vice President
  TV Network Affiliate Sales & Marketing

Search   Vice President Affiliate Sales and Marketing
Based  New York, NY - USA
Search Firm  Filcro Media Staffing, New York, NY
Officer in Charge   Tony Filson, New York, NY
Reporting to   President
Group  Affiliate Sales & Marketing

The TV Network Client

A multiplex multicast music TV network seeking departure from legacy media distribution and consumer music entertainment assimilation.  Looking to the future and the way music is produced, distributed, licensed and monetized across (8) eight media platforms, the firm retained Filcro Media Staffing to recruit an executive capable of the leading and building their Affiliate Sales, Affiliate Relations and Affiliate Marketing function

Client Situation

The President & CEO seeking increased distribution in MSO, OTA, Satellite and Mobile markets required an affiliate executive capable utilizing a CRO mindset based on the Network’s capacity to disseminate across 8 media platforms.  As with most emerging Networks graduated steps from 30 - 50 and 100 million households have to be planned appropriately to coincide with programming roll-out. In this instance as a multiplex offering 20 to 40 channels of diverse music genres the affiliate relationships could be for all channels or a selected few.

Executive Search Committee Member(s) Industry and Sector Inclusion

  • Broadcast Television
  • Cable Television
  • Satellite Television
  • Broadband Television
  • Mobile Television & OTT

Filcro Media Staffing is Retained

The CEO positioned the Network as a unique broadcaster as a multiplex across 8 media platforms and required an affiliate executive who could exhibit efficacy across: Broadcast TV (OTA), Cable TV (MSO), Satellite TV, FIOS TV, Mobile Streaming TV, Online TV, OEM TV and On Demand TV.  This unusual abundance of media streams would required an executive capable of synergistically offering programming as few broadcasters could as of the time, of this search.

Working across all media platforms effectively with internal programming, marketing and sales teams would be essential.  The creative and technical resource direction required to facilitate affiliate business goals would emanate from this executive.

With internal teams to manage the communication and ideation the implementation of marketing and promotional initiatives would have to be from a honed affiliate executive capable of judiciously directing resources.

Bring syndication deals for programming to fruition would also be required and this “added value” in the executive to be identified was essential.

Unique to the Network was also the leveraging of live music events and local opportunities within the affiliates network to capitalize on relationships within the music industry.  A&R. Product Managers and heads of recording companies and music publishers also had to be leveraged so everyone benefited from enhanced distribution.

Managing day-to-day requests with affiliates such as local event support, sponsorships, interviews, premium requests, etc would require an extremely organized affiliate executive capable of working on non-traditional affiliate projects that would monetize the Network in non-traditional ways.

Challenges Facing the new Vice President of Affiliate Sales & Marketing

  • Establishing the internal resources to work across multiple media platforms
  • Combining OTA, Mobile, MSO, Satellite, OEM, DOOH, Broadband and OD to work seamlessly with advertising sales and programming initiatives
  • Create ideation that reflected the immense reach and scope of 40 channels of 24/7 programming across multiple media platforms
  • Allow for reach in The Americas and International markets to coincide with programming roll-outs
  • Adapt affiliates to new technology enabling consumers to be monetized as never before. Getting buy-in from broadcasters to adopt this new technology by clearly exhibiting these new monetization channels.
  • Setting 1-3-5 years goals and budgets for hard and soft assets.
  • Reporting for 100 Million Sub goals

Filcro Media Staffing’s Recruitment Solution

With so many music genres available in multiple languages, Filcro Media Staffing needed to identify an Affiliate Executive capable of functioning autonomously in many areas usually supported by heavy layers of support staff.

The Vice President identified, recruited and attracted with over 20 years of Sales and Marketing experience in the Cable Programming and Music industries had a proven record of success in increasing network distribution and negotiating affiliation agreements with national media companies, music companies and media retail organizations.

With domestic and international Affiliate experience this Affiliate Sales Executive was well suited for the initial roll-out of English and Spanish language programming.  With experience in the US, Canada and Latin America having negotiated agreements with DirecTV, Comcast, Time Warner, Charter, AT&T, NCTC, Mediacom, Netflix, Hulu, Roku and others, the multiple platform distribution as a multiplex would be served well.

Most important about this executive is his track-record of strategic and tactical initiatives that met with efficacy. Playing key roles as a coach, player, and player-coach this executive had proven himself in lean and heavily layered environments.

Having prior experience with Networks in the same phase of growth, this Affiliate Sales executive was a perfect fit to build resources and then grow the Network's affiliate infrastructure as needed in the future.

This Affiliate Sales executive made a smooth transition and hit the ground running to increase affiliate distribution.  We look forward to updating this Case History and following this gifted affiliate sales executive's progress with traditional and non-traditional affiliate distribution

Tony Filson was the Office in Charge of this executive search.

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