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Succession Plan for Presidency



Filcro Media Staffing is honored to have conducted this search and facilitated the succession plan conceived by the incumbent President of Real Estate prior to retiring.

Board approval and accolades by the Chairman were a milestone for a relationship that spans almost forty years from the formation of Gulf & Western to the current VIACOM / CBS group of companies once again, under one umbrella..

Search Committee Member Industry and Sector Inclusion

  • Television Networks - Cable & Broadcast
  • Radio Broadcasting Networks
  • Motion Picture Studios
  • Advertising
  • Publishing
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Network & Syndicated Programming Producers
  • Fortune 50 & 100 Financial, Industrial & Telecom Conglomerates
  • Multinational Law Firm

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Filcro Media Staffing Tony Filson Media Real Estate Eecutive Search

The executive search committee (ESC) with the President acting as the point of contact.  The EVP of Human Resources identifying Filcro Media Staffing (FMS) and Tony Filson (TF) as Officer in Charge of Search to conduct the national search to identify the proper President of Global Real Estate for the succession plan.
Filcro Media Staffing’s specialization in the media and communications industries was beneficial at every phase of the search process.  Recruitment and attraction benefited from a search firm capable of conveying the unique composition of a complex global media and entertainment real estate portfolio with vast technical facilities and holding inherent to media, entertainment and communications.

The diversity of the global real estate portfolio

  • Raw land, commercial, industrial, agriculture, entertainment.
  • Offices for broadcast operations, production, engineering, network operations centers, executive offices
  • Satellite earth stations, NOC's, Headends, Antenna for cross-utilization by multiple media holding (TV Networks).
  • Entertainment venues including amusement parks, movie theaters, and sports facilities.

These are just a few examples, of the complexity, of the global real estate portfolio this executive would be managing.

Challenges facing the new President

  • Change Management
  • Real Estate Portfolio Management
  • Divestiture of Idle Assets
  • Centralize Control of International Real Estate Assets
  • Land and Building Acquisitions
  • Lease Portfolio Optimization and Leasing
  • Security
  • Hiring (2) two Sr. Executives and Implementing Best Practices

Filcro Media Staffing’s Solution

Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to identify senior most real estate executives with current global management responsibilities of real estate portfolios, equal to or greater in scope than the firm’s current holdings and management requirements.
A prerequisite was not only the experience managing the size and diversity of the real estate portfolio it was also the substantial worth of the firm’s global holdings.
The capacity to identify an executive who could maintain greater controls and optimize return by bringing in-house what was currently out-sourced would be essential.
Establishing cross-functional real estate and facility teams in such a diverse media and entertainment conglomerate where motion picture studio, TV Network, publishing, venue entertainment, office space, industrial and raw land all came into play required a strong strategic leader with broad real estate acumen and experience through acquisition, management, leasing, construction, merging and divesting assets to optimize the portfolio at all times.
This President would have to report into one of the most dynamic and noted media chairman in the world.  The succession plan required an executive capable of managing a substantial portfolio with the complete approval of a demanding board of directors in one of the world's most respected publicly held media and entertainment conglomerates.

Successful President Recruited for Succession Plan

Executive Search firms that speacilaize in global real estate executives for  the media and telecommunications industry Filcro Media Staffing initially scrutinized real estate executives from the media and entertainment sectors in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Pennsylvania, and Atlanta.  Subsequently, Tony Filson as the Officer in Charge of the search sought diversity with the initial universe and conferred with the current President of global real estate, to gain consensus of the board, to identify a candidate who met all the prerequisites established by the board and recruit outside of the media and telecommunications industries.  

Gaining consensus of the executive search committee, Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to aggressively look at other sectors with substantial global real estate holdings that exceeded that of the media conglomerate yet still had the diversity and technological complexity of their holdings.  The advice of the OIC was well received and resulted in multiple candidates that were from within and without of the media and entertainment industries with the desired experience.

Tony Filson as Officer in Charge initiated greater scrutiny of multi-conglomerates in the financial and industrial sectors.  This plan proved to exceed the executive search committee's expectations for portfolio size, diversity, worth, and technological complexity.

Ultimately the Managing Director of Real Estate of a diversified multinational financial institution was identified, recruited, attracted and unanimously approved by the board with the EVP of HR included, the incumbent, and the Chairman.
The succession plan desired by the Chairman, Board and President was brought to fruition at the cadence desired with an exceptional executive. The executive transitioned successfully and became acclimated in a brief period of time to assume the Presidency.

This President has proven to be an important asset to a publicly traded U.S. based multinational media and entertainment conglomerate with substantial global real estate holdings. His service and dedication are unprecedented

Tony Filson was the OIC of this search

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