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Founded in 1985, FILCRO has facilitated the operation, monetization and corporate governance of diversified public and private sector utilities in Telecommunications, MSO and Local Exchange Carriers.

Local, regional, state, national and international interests are facilitated through the identification and recruitment of highly specialized telecom utility executives.

For commercial broadcasters and MSO operators, please proceed to these groups.

Private and Public Sector Inclusion for Media and Telecommunications Utilities -
Corporate, Non-Profit, Government, Academic, Research, Hybrid Example


Cable Multi System Operators - MSO’s


Government Services

For Broadcast Facilities


Power Aggregation and Generation for BO&E


MSO’s - Cable and Multi-System Operators - Executive Search Services

Executive Search Firms for utilities seeking recruitment firms that specialize in telecommunications for utilities and governments Filcro Media StaffingFILCRO recruits for every tactical and strategic function relevant to the business, technical, creative and regulatory interests of the cable industry.

Local, regional, national and international business is facilitated.

As an example of today's competitive media landscape Comcast, Time/Warner, Verizon AT&T and Dish all vie for market share as providers of voice, video and data to a relatively finite pool of consumer, business and government clients

FILCRO can facilitate enhanced market share, new product roll-out, operations, technology, maintenance, regulatory, creative development, sales and other functions by recruiting a single executive or entire divisional infrastructure. U.S. | LATAM

MSO operators excel at aggregating a compilation of services and monetize by disseminating over increasingly sophisticated multicast platforms ancillary to traditional coax.  FILCRO is well versed in optimizing a footprint within and outside of set geographics to enhance revenue.

FILCRO’s clients include traditional and hybrid organizations from the public and private sectors.  Based on specific needs, culture, ecology and the components of each entity, our practice groups can recruit collaboratively or function in compartmented environments.


Specialized Power Aggregation and Generation
Executive Search Services for the Media & Broadcasting Industries


Filcro Media Staffing Telecommunications and telecom power recruitment for utilities seeking specialized executive search firmsFILCRO recruits power utility executives for diversified providers, consumers and aggregators of multiplatform energy.

The firms capabilities include Natural Gas, Oil, Steam, Hydro, Nuclear, Coal, Solar, Wind, Oceanic and research environments in academic, government and private industry to build, manage and operate 24/7/365 power infrastructure for critical broadcast operations and engineering facilities.

Recruitment for the management of Land, Sea, Air/Space and Subterranean broadcasting and telecommunications assets are supported.

Appropriate DOE, NRC and EPA guidelines are understood. FILCRO is aware of current legislative initiatives and FCC guidelines surrounding specialized generation and contingency operations as per FCC / FEMA and DoD for critical broadcasting infrastructure.

NOTE: Employment and Position Classification and Management with regards to the DOE Intergovernmental Personnel Act. For Hybrid Classification up to GSA 15. Many clients have been calling about the initial update to  DOE 0 320.1, ACQUIRING AND POSITIONING HUMAN RESOURCES.  Please note this is not relevant to broadcast or telecommunications facilities that Filcro Media Staffing recruits for. Thank you.


Telecommunications - Executive Search Services

Telecommunications Executive Search Firms for Utilities seeking specialized recruitment firms Filcro Media StaffingFILCRO recruits telecommunications executives that serve traditional and hybrid utilities for local, regional, state and U.S. Federal interests.

Clients wishing to fully understand FILCRO’s recruitment capabilities in this area can obtain a comprehensive overview by viewing a publicly available case history.

and Compartmented recruitment is available.


Government Services - Executive Search

U.S. Government Untility and Telecommunications Executive Search Firms for CONUS and OCUNUS human assetsFILCRO’s compartmented recruitment group dedicated to U.S. ENERGY and TELECOMMUNICATIONS interests CONUS and OCONUS. 

Access to this group is limited to approved vendors and U.S. government agencies. .

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