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Based Miami, FL - USA
Search Firm  Filcro Media Staffing
Search OIC Tony Filson
Reporting to Senior Vice President Marketing
Client  Global provider of institutional and retail financial services, research tools and financial information technology.
Search Assignment  Executive Producer On Air and cross platform multicast

Client Situation  The CEO and SVP of Marketing wanted to increase market share by improving production standards and diversifying creative offerings of on-air and online media for a multitude of global retail, high net worth, institutional audiences and financial markets across multiple media platforms.

Products to be produced ranged from live on-air formats; DVD’s, Interactive programming and a weekly TV show devoted to global finance and diverse global financial products and financial research tools and information.

Industry and Sector inclusion for Recruitment

  • Broadcast Networks - National
  • Cable TV Networks - National
  • Independent Producers of Financial TV Programming
  • Global Financial Institutions

Filcro Media Staffing was Retained

The Senior Vice President of Marketing was aware of Filcro Media Staffing (FMS) through her prior employment with a global financial institution where Filcro Media Staffing had successfully recruited executive producers and those in charge of their global TV Network and corporate communications environments.

The Senior Vice President and the Senior Director of Video Services played an active role in articulating the business goals that needed to be achieved through this executive search.  Expansion of media product offerings and raising production standards were key based on the sophistication of the firm’s clients.


A syndicated half-hour TV show produced by the firm needed to be re-energized and brought up to the standards of other shows appearing on FOX, CNBC and Bloomberg.  The objective was to identify an executive producer who could take financial programming to the next step while maintaining the credibility, entertainment factor and conservative demeanor the firm was seeking.

The high net worth targeted show needed a pace that would keep audiences engaged without offending sensibilities. The credibility factor was paramount as global analysts and noted executives appearing on the show each week from varied global markets required a venue that matched the respect and reputation of the financial institution.

Some of the Challenges Facing the New Executive Producer

  • Raising Production Standards on All Platforms
  • Producing Show Segments that Engage Audiences With Financial Data and Products
  • Re-purposing Content for Interactive and DVD Distribution for B2B and B2C
  • Producing Content for Domestic and International Markets in MUltiple Languages
  • Maintaining Financial Controls of Production Budgets
  • Bringing Current Production and Post Staff up to TV Network Standards

The Filcro Media Staffing Solution

Filcro Media Staffing proceeded by identifying the senior most executive producers from the top rated financial shows in both domestic and international markets.

An initial search universe of over 120 potential candidates of executive producers, senior producers and executives in charge of production was compiled and needed to be vetted.

Based on compensation, geographics, culture and the specific career ecology of those initially identified, the pool of appropriate candidates was brought down to a manageable 26.  Filcro Media Staffing was aware of every environment, compensation structures and culture from prior production searches of each targeted Network.
The culture of the client company was extremely unique.  The pool of producers recruited needed to be tired into (4) four categories.  Our focus on the executive producer’s soft skills and their ability to transform the show(s) while mentoring staff was key.  We did not want a bull in a china closet.

By analyzing the production and post standards of each executive producer by viewing their work and questioning their thought and work-flow we brought to pool down to 12 exceptional candidates.

Of the 12 remaining candidates we felt that 6 were ideal to make the transition in the period of time required and express the longevity desired to assure that there would be continuity in the work environment and for the show(s).

We ultimately picked 3 producers from two of the top rated financial shows on Network and cable television and presented them as 1st tiered candidates.  Two (2) remaining 2nd tier candidates as back-ups could also have been considered viable but there was a deadline to begin production that precluded these producers.  We also made sure that everyone involved was sincere and that all personal and business considerations were explored by each executive producer.  Two of the producers would have to relocate and we needed to assure that this was viable for them and their families.

New Executive Producer Recruited and Relocated

The new Executive Producer was from one of the top three (3) rated financial news shows in The United States with OTA, Cable and Satellite distribution as well as on-line, mobile, OEM and OTT channels.

Relocating from New York City to Florida was accomplished in little time and the firm was able to meet their show production deadline for their affiliate distribution objectives
The Executive Producer became quickly acclimated to the company culture, instituted the production standards required and is a vital member of the firm’s Programming, Development and Production team.  With a strong history of being a good boss, he was able to quickly attract the type of production and post personnel need to upgrade and grow as senior management desired.

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