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Search   TV News Anchor | Producer - MENA & US
Executive Search Firm   Filcro Media Staffing
Officer in Charge of Search   Tony Filson, New York, NY - USA
Location   Washington, DC & MENA

Client A leading global diversified news and media conglomerate producing and disseminating across multiple media platforms.  Known as one of the world’s leading news organizations with impeccable journalistic standards respected in US, EU, MENA, LATAM and ASIA markets.  Producing content in over 50 languages their standards for global dissemination are at the forefront of the industry.

Search Objective To identify a TV News Anchor | Producer to be based in Washington, DC who could travel within the MENA with broad knowledge and experience covering U.S. and Middle East issues relevant to a diverse global audience seeking clarity and journalistic integrity.

Client Situation

The Vice President of TV Network Programming was seeking a senior addition to staff that could help develop a younger demographic.  By recruiting and attracting a talented News Anchor | Producer | Writer who could relate to relevant issues of concern to the target demographic, the Vice President of Programming planned to expand on-air and on-line to assure that the younger demographic was served with quality content.

The objective was to cover the MENA entirely and not be myopic.  This News Anchor / Producer / Writer would cover News, Specials, Lifestyle, Business and Politics in regularly scheduled news segments as well as magazine style specials that cover diverse subject matter all relevant to U.S. and Middle East relations.

With media competition in the Middle East growing across multiple media platforms and production standards increasing the Network wanted to produce content that clearly set new standards from a content, production and cross platform dissemination / assimilation perspectives. Ergo, we needed a News Anchor who could work very closely with a talented TV Executive Producer who wanted a collaborative relationship with a TV News Anchor who could add value as a journalist and endearing personality to garner respect in Washington, DC and the major capitals of the Middle East and North Africa.

Industry and Sector inclusion for Universe Compilation

  • Broadcast Television Networks
  • Cable Television Networks
  • Satellite Television Networks
  • Radio Networks
  • Digital Media Networks
  • NGO’s
  • Global and Domestic News Services and Bureaus

The Filcro Media Staffing Solution

Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to Identify Middle East News Anchors and On-Air personalities with strong production acumen in the U.S. , U.K. and Middle East markets with specific broadcasting experience that mirrored The Networks’ objectives and markets for the desired demographic.

Directly recruiting from all the “Industry and Sector” targets initially determined for universe compilation the search was extensive and required multiple individuals working in unison to bring forward our ideal candidates.  As exceptional English and Classical Arabic writing skills were required as well as on camera articulation, the vetting process required that demo reels and writing samples be given equal consideration.  Next we determined geographic, political and cultural acumen to assure that the new News Anchor could be the collaborative partner the Executive Producer was seeking also.

Given the amount of travel required and rigorous production schedules for multiple time zones we also need a person who could fully devote their time and efforts to their career.

Once all the demo reels were reviewed, writing samples vetted and their production acumen weighted from a business, technical and creative perspective the Filcro Media O&D charts were utilized from each news organization to explore autonomy capabilities based on the structure of each environment, that each News Anchor | Producer had experience within.  In some instances, resources would require exposure to lean non-layered environments where the ability to improvise would be essential, while still understanding the responsibilities to senior management in a large global media conglomerate. 

The News Anchor, Producer, Writer Recruited

A talented journalist, writer, on-air personality and producer was identified in the Middle East and relocated to the United States.  The TV Network is extremely happy with the executive and he has proven to be a determining force in building the Networks’ TV audience in the global markets desired.  His extensive journalism experience across (4) four media platforms and experience managing a newsroom devoted to U.S. and Middle East news are great assets.  His ability to disseminate in (3) three languages to multiple audiences as a journalist, talented writer, producer and anchor have added great value to the organization as a whole.

Search Summary

This was an extensive multinational executive search that required the focused and specialized resources of Filcro Media Staffing in the Middle East and the United States to identify, recruit, attract and relocate the proper TV executive to meet the TV Networks’ programming objectives.

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